Custom Made Meteorite Ring

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Custom Made Meteorite Ring

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Before ordering, please read the important information on this page.

As you probably have seen above, there are a number of things you can customize to make the ring perfect just for you. In our image gallery, you can find pictures of other rings we’ve made and get a sense of what the possibilities are.



We currently offer 3 different types of profiles:

  • The “Classic” profile is a flat surface with a beveled edge that suits most widths and sizes
  • The “Domed” profile has a rounded top surface and edge that gives a softer but heavier look.
  • The “Super-Domed” profile is an extra thick ring with a domed outside surface that gives a powerful presence, perhaps best worn as a thumb ring due to the bulk. Not suitable for 6mm wide rings. 10mm width recommended for maximum effect. Great for display as well.

3 Pictures of the different profiles. Classic first, Domed second and Super-Domed third.



We currently offer 3 different options (Please note that rings with the “Super-Domed” profile are always thick):

  • Medium: Max 2.5 mm
  • Thick: At least 2.5 mm
  • Best fit: We will determine the thickness of your ring based on your information, our previous experiences and our taste. Please note that with this option, we will not contact you to confirm our choice before manufacturing.


You can specify your preferred exact thickness in the “Requests” box and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes, but with no guarantees apart from that will fall into the chosen category of medium or thick. We don’t offer thin rings as during the making of the ring, small cracks might be discovered. These small cracks can lead to the ring breaking during the lathe turning operation. The risk of this happening greatly increases as the thickness is reduced. Therefore we normally don’t make rings that are super thin. Adding a liner to the ring does make it easier to reduce the thickness as the meteorite has increased support. If you do request a thin ring we will try our best to accommodate your wish, but we have to “listen” to the material during the process and perhaps stop reducing the thickness of the ring to avoid ruining the precious material.

3mm thick, 6mm wide, 22mm inside diameter ring



We highly recommend adding a liner to your ring as it helps prevent rust forming on the inside, and it also reduces the nickel exposure, as less skin is in direct contact with the meteorite. A liner also makes the ring feel “warmer” on the finger and it can make the ring more comfortable to wear.

Ring with a “Carbon fiber – weave” liner

We currently offer 4 different kinds of carbon fiber liners:

  • The “Carbon fiber – solid” lining is completely black without any visible lines for a smooth elegant look.
  • The “Carbon fiber – weave” lining has layers that have been laid out in a pattern that makes individual strands visible in the cross-section. The result is a very premium feel, interesting looking liner.
  • The “Carbon fiber – titanium infused”  lining is a carbon fiber weave with super-thin titanium sheets added in between the layers to create an eye-catching, elegant look with a beautiful metallic shimmer.
  • The “Carbon fiber – copper infused”  lining is a carbon fiber weave with super-thin titanium sheets added in between the layers to create an eye-catching, elegant look with a beautiful colorful copper shimmer.


Carbon fiber – weave


Carbon fiber – titanium infused


Carbon fiber – copper infused


Protective Finish

We currently offer two different coating options – Renaissance Wax or ProtectaClear. With your ring, you will always get a tin/bottle of the coating, so that you can maintain your ring. We recommend the Renaissance Wax, as the maintenance is much easier, making ownership more care-free. You can read more about the two coatings on this page.



After you have placed your order, we will review it and contact you if there are any problems. If all is ok, a Paypal-invoice (payable via credit card or Paypal) will be e-mailed to you. This invoice is due within 10 days. If payment is not received within this time, your order will be canceled. The processing time of your order will count from the time the payment has been made.


Manufacturing/processing time

We always want to deliver the best rings we can. Rings that are made well enough that you can wear it with pride and good enough to perhaps, one day, pass on to the next generation. Such a ring takes great effort and is very time consuming to make. We do not want to rush as it wouldn’t be fair to you nor to the meteorite. This means that it can take up to 6-8 weeks from completed payment until your custom ring is ready to be shipped.

Important information regarding shipping in the current covid-19 situation: Shipping may take longer than normal. Read more here.